I am so excited to be done with school!!!!! That’s  because it’s my birthday in the summer and I get to go to Michigan Adventures. Can’t wait. Also I get presents. I get to go to Macinaw Island with some of my  cousins. We probably go to the beach, go bowling, go out for ice cream, go out to eat. We could do a lot of things. We have 7 and a half more days can’t wait.


                                                                                        Spiderwick is a book series and I have only read Spiderwick Lucinda’s Secret. It’s a really good book!  It’s about a field guide  and they’re trying to figure out what to do with it, so they went to Lucinda’s to ask what to do with it.

What is matter?


So there is three different types of matter.  A solid, liquid and gas. A solid is a thing that is hard and doesn’t move at all. There’s my friend Lexi and me holding a chair which is a solid.  For example, I had a dog. A dog would be a solid.   In a solid, particles are locked in place.  Also they can’t move past one another in a microscopic view of a solid.  So a liquid is something that takes up the shape of a container that it occupies and the particles move past each other and not compressible and particles can move past another.  A gas is the air you breathe every day. The particles can go past each other very easily.  There all made up of  atoms, molecules and ions.  That’s what matter means.  Thanks for reading!

I Love Dogs😊🐶



This is a picture of a dog. I absolutely love dogs! I really love Golden Retrievers,  they’re my favorite and retrievers are very friendly to you.  My dog Ally did not like thunder storms. She was so scared of them she was frightened of them.  Oh, by the way, Happy Halloween!  Have a good one! Hope you get lots of candy.  Puppies are going to dress up like the kids.



All About Megan


Hi! My name is Megan I am a Fourth grader! I like soccer. I am on the green team and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ANIMALS! I had one dog and 1 brother and my dog’s name was Ally. I like all kinds of animals, mostly dogs.